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We are your online hotel marketing coach for comprehensive support and optimization of the use of online marketing tools. A predetermined number of hours per month will be dedicated to the utilization and enhancement of online marketing tools relevant to your hotel. You'll receive a clear dashboard monthly, presenting the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your hotel. This will distinctly show the impact of our online marketing coach's efforts on your hotel. Our aim is always to significantly lower costs compared to OTA reservation commission fees.

Activities of the Hotel Marketing Coach

Google Ads for hotels (SEA)

Would you like to amplify your online impact with Google Ads? We ensure an optimal setup of your account, including clear goals, budgets, and advanced tracking. Through continuous campaign optimization and management, we guarantee maximum profitability. With our expertise, we elevate your hotel to new heights. Begin with the hotel marketing coach now and receive €400 click budget! 💰

Search Engine Optimisation for hotels (SEO)

Imagine your hotel consistently ranking number one without the need for constant advertising. With our expert SEO specialists, your hotel will take off to a flying start. We fine-tune Google Analytics and Search Console, select impactful keywords, and daily monitor their positions on Google. Continuous research for new opportunities, targeted content creation and optimization, coupled with link-building advice, keep your hotel in the spotlight. Monthly, you'll receive comprehensive reports detailing the progress of your keywords. With our hotel SEO expertise, you're guaranteed maximum visibility. Let us guide you towards online success!

Email Marketing for hotels

With our email marketing for hotels, you'll reach your guests at the right moment with the right message. We begin with a thorough assessment, create a marketing calendar, and develop appealing email templates for all devices. Through ongoing support with mailings, lead generation, and personalized content, we enhance your hotel's impact. Ready to harness the power of targeted email marketing and increase reservations? Let's make an impact together!

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram for hotels

Reach your target audience with powerful ads on Facebook and Instagram. Our Hotel Marketing Coaches ensure a strategic approach, from initial setup to continuous optimization. We consistently manage campaigns, ads, A/B testing, optimization, and monthly reporting. With our expertise, we guarantee maximum visibility for your hotel. Ready to shine online? Contact our online hotel marketing coach today.

Conversion Optimization and Conversion Triggers for hotels

Effortlessly enhance conversion rates on your hotel website with our expertise. We set clear objectives, monitor performance, PageSpeed, and user data. Through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and tools like Hotjar, we prepare tests and tailor the website accordingly. Continuously utilizing Becurious Conversion Triggers for increased interaction and conversion, we adjust the website layout based on insights and conduct additional tests for improved performance and faster PageSpeed. With our focus on conversion and smart triggers, your hotel website achieves top-notch results. Ready to shine? Get in touch with our online marketing coach.

High return on ad spend (ROAS) with Google Ads


The Olympic Hotel in Amsterdam, situated next to the Olympic Stadium, surrounded by sports fields and the picturesque Stadiongracht, aimed to strengthen its online presence while maximizing return on advertising spend.


By employing strategically designed Google Ads campaigns, we managed to enhance the online visibility of the Olympic Hotel. Emphasis was placed on relevant keywords and enticing advertisements to reach potential guests at the right moment.

Stunning Outcome

Throughout the first six months, the Olympic Hotel achieved an impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of €40. This means that for every euro invested, a fortyfold return on investment was realized.

The collaboration between the Olympic Hotel Amsterdam and our team showcases that targeted online marketing can be a crucial factor in a hotel's success. The remarkable ROAS of €40 is not only a testament to our expertise but also to the power of strategic Google Ads campaigns within the hotel industry.

Ready to achieve similar successes? Contact us today and discover how we can elevate your hotel to new heights!

Strategic and practical

"The coach effectively fills in expertise areas that we ourselves don't have in-house and where we simply don't have the time. As a result, he not only brainstorms alongside us but also anticipates future strategies regarding the utilization of online marketing for our estate and hotel. Quite important for us, as our primary goal is, of course, to generate more direct bookings via our website." Wouter describes the collaboration with the hotel marketing coach from two perspectives: practical and strategic.

Furthermore, through our collaboration, I've discovered that Tim possesses extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of the hotel industry. This industry-specific expertise leads to even better online marketing for us. We're pleased with it. And importantly, within our collaboration, Tim is just a great guy."

Wouter Smeets - Altenbroek Estate - Hotel Kint

Wouter Smeets - October 16th, 2023 Google

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