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Social media offers an approachable way of increasing your brand awareness

Social media is an integral part of society. With almost 2 billion active users every month, Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. Instagram is growing quickly as well with over 1 billion monthly users. In terms of business, Facebook has grown considerably. In the Netherlands alone, the social network has 60 million company pages and 4 million active advertisers. Social media offers an approachable way of increasing your brand awareness, a way to contact potential guests and to give them a sneak peek.

Reach Your Potential Guests On Facebook

Thanks to many segmentation and targeting options, you can reach your target audience for relatively low prices. Show advertisements to people based on age, gender, location, interests, and more. We can also utilise your e-mail database to campain among guests who previously stayed at your hotel.

More Direct Bookings With Facebook Re-targeting

Facebook also makes it possible to use re-targeting: this means that we can show a specific advertisement or deal to people who have visited your hotel website before. By focused targeting methods and increased brand awareness in your audience, you can expect more bookings.

Hotel Guests Gather Information On Facebook

Many people use Facebook to gather information about a hotel or a weekend away, by reading reviews or looking at hotel photos and videos for example. If your hotel is not visible and active on Facebook, it is a missed opportunity.

Successfully Advertise on Facebook

A Thorough Approach

We work in two stages. Upon the start of our cooperation, you take inventory of what the best approach is for your hotel and situation with your personal Facebook consultant. From potentially opening a company page on Facebook to placing tracking pixels to keep track of statistics. Then we have the maintenance stage, where we continually work to see how advertisements can be optimised.


You will receive monthly performance reports that will give you clear insight into the performance of your social media advertisign campaigns. 

Your Social Media Marketing Consultant

Your personal social media consultant assists you in targeting the right campaigns to reach the right audiences for your message. Together with you will make sure the return on ad spent will be as high as possible. 

You know you need to be on social media but you haven't found the right approach?

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