Conversion Optimization for Hotels

Increase Your Hotel's Online Revenue With Conversion-optimization.

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We increase the conversion goals of your hotel website with clever optimisation.

Are visitors to your hotel site not booking (fast) enough? With the help of online tests and experiments, we can find out why this is happening. Based on the test results, we can improve your website. We increase conversion goals with conversion optimisation. Conversion targets for hotels are things like making a room reservation, but can also be requests for a wedding or your meeting facilities or even subscribing to the newsletter.

A/B Testing For Conversion-optimization

We use a number of tools to optimise the conversion rates of hotel sites. We select which tools to use based on your specific situation. Our "A/B-test" offers the possibility to show different versions of the same page to your visitors to experiment with small changes and how they can influence the conversion. The colour or position of the reservation button, for example. We measure which variant is the most effective one and implement this change within your website. Step by step we improve your website with more bookings as a result. 

Usability Research

Usability research is a good way to find out why certain visitors view certain pages and what actions they take there. In this online research we make website visitors go through the booking process, for example. At the same time, we observe their actions and identify possible bottle necks. With this information, we can increase the user-friendliness, which leads to a higher conversion.

Monthly Report Of Test Results

When we start working together to improve the conversion of your website, we define the objectives together. Based on that, we decide which tests to carry out. You will receive a report with the test results every month. Based on these results, we can adjust the layout of the website and/or decide to carry out more tests. In this way, we continue to improve until the desired results are achieved.

Disappointed in the results of your hotel site?  Let's level up your conversion rate and generate more revenue.

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