Method of working

Transparent and efficient thanks to a clear procedure.

Our method of working differs for each service. Are you opting for a customised website for your hotel of hotel group? Then the following steps apply. The procedure for our 'ready-to-use' hotel websites service is just as well-organised, but it comprises fewer steps



What are your target markets? And what is the best way for you to approach them and tempt them into making a reservation? We draw up a design briefing to match your preferences and requirements. Needless to say, we present this document to you for approval.



We develop a concept and initial design for your website based on the design briefing We then present this concept to you. After processing your feedback, we do the layout for the various page templates for the different types of devices. Only once you are 100% satisfied with these designs do we proceed to the next step.



In this phase, we convert the designs into actual web pages. We test these in all the relevant browsers and screen resolutions. At the same time, we configure the CMS to suit your particular website design. We then link this configuration to the pages. This creates a functioning website - offline - on our beta server. We then load the content that you have provided (texts and images) onto the website. We integrate the reservation systems, create the forms and set up the links. Your new website is ready and waiting on our beta server.



We check out all the new pages on the website and test them on the various browsers and device types. Once you have approved the website, we launch it. We do this on the basis of our extensive launch checklist. Among other things, the settings for proper and fast search engine indexing are an integral part of this checklist. Your website is now live.



Our service does not stop at the launch of your new website. You and your colleagues are given a training course in the use of the CMS that you yourself can use to process all the multilingual content on your new website. We also keep a close eye on how your website is performing. Is there room for improvement or do you have questions about the website or the use of our CMS? Through our proactive service and support, we continue to work together with you towards optimum efficiency.

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