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With a scalable website, hotel collections have their online presence organised in a perfect way.

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Design and Development of Effective Websites for Hotel Collections

Becurious assists hotel groups, chains and collections with the design, development, optimisation and management of their website(s).

Multi-property Hotel CMS

Our unique Hotel CMS is developed with the wishes and needs of hotel groups in mind. Users can manage each website or hotel profile in a user-friendly way. Adding pages, hotels, room types, special offers, vacancies, etc. can be carried out by designated users. 

What can you expect from a hotel website of Becurious?

Booking Engine Integration

We implement the reservation system on the hotel group’s website so that direct online reservations are generated simply and easily. Becurious works with various providers of online booking engines.

Customised Design

We draw up a design briefing based on your preferences and requirements. This document forms the basis for the concept and the unique design for your website. The (mobile first) design is made in close collaboration with your organisation and matches the identity and atmosphere of the hotel chain. For the design you can work with the web designers of Becurious or we can collaborate with design studios selected by you.

Responsive Technology

As standard practice, Becurious develops websites with mobile first philosophy in mind. So a hotel group website is future-proof and suitable for use on any type of device.

Included in the setup of the hotel group website

Search Engine Optimisation

Good visibility within search engines is an essential part of the website’s success. To achieve this, we always work according to Google guidelines. In addition, we provide optimised technology and we configure the website with SEO settings. The result is optimal indexation and increased organic search traffic.

Reliable Hosting

Maximum uptime (the time that your website is accessible) and a fast server are absolutely crucial for the success of your website, particularly for hotel groups. This is why Becurious always hosts your website on its advanced servers. This guarantees security, speed and maximum uptime.

Service and support

Do you have questions about your hotel group websites, SEO or our Hotel CMS? Please feel free to contact us at any time. Personal and fast service and support by phone or e-mail is included as standard. 


The CMS dashboard contains an overview of the websites' performance. As part of our online marketing services, we send you a monthly performance report and you get access to the Google Analytics profiles of the websites. This gives you a perfect picture of the results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions - Webdesign for Hotel Groups

What do you need to consider when developing a website for a hotel group?

When it comes to design of a website for a hotel collection, it is important to strive for an uncluttered layout that entices guests to make a reservation. The design should perfectly match the unique appearance and identity of the hotel group, whereby ease of use and conversion should be paramount.

Should each hotel within the group have its own website or can we use an umbrella website for all hotels?

There is something to be said for each solution. In general, we state that if the hotels within the group all have their own identity and/or branding, then it is advisable to develop a separate website for each hotel. If the hotels within the group are similar, then it is advisable to use a group website.

What are the advantages of an umbrella website for my hotel group?

Using an umbrella website is more efficient than maintaining websites for each hotel. This brings a cost advantage. It is also more convenient in terms of content management. A disadvantage is that it is more difficult to show the unique brand aspects of the specific hotels. 

Can user accounts be created per hotel?

Yes, the Becurious Hotel Content Management System has been developed with user management for hotel groups in mind.  

Can we use our own booking engine?

Becurious is independent when it comes to booking engine technology. We work with the most common vendors in this field. So you can select your own booking engine, and we'll take care of seamless integration with your website. 

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