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Vondel Hotels offers extraordinary hospitality. With its portfolio of stylish and exclusive properties in Amsterdam and Maastricht, this hotel collection offers hospitality concepts that raise inspiration and leave memorable experiences for guests. 

Seamless IBE integration
13 websites, one Hotel CMS
Custom website design templates

Utilizing bespoke website design templates streamlined the development and launch of 13 websites.

In our collaboration with Vondel Hotels, we undertook an expansive web design project that spanned the creation of 13 distinctive websites. Central to our approach was the use of bespoke website template designs, tailored to echo the unique branding and ambiance of each hotel within the Vondel portfolio.

Our dedicated Hotel CMS ensures that the group has full control over their digital content. With multi-lingual support embedded, it allows them to communicate effectively with a diverse audience, ensuring every guest feels right at home from the moment they land on the page.

Integration was key to the project's success. By seamlessly connecting the website to a booking engine, we've empowered Vondel Hotels with the tools they need to convert online visitors into actual guests. 

Together, we've crafted a digital space that not only mirrors Vondel Hotels' commitment to excellence but also enhances their guest experience from the very first click.

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Launching and developing our websites would have not been possible without our invaluable partner, Becurious. They helped and guided us throughout this project. I can truly say that without their expertise and incredible dedication, this achievement would not have been possible. Thank you Thomas Dieben and the amazing team of Becurious.

Mrs. R. Shamaan, Marketing and PR Manager


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