Hotel Reservation System

Becurious offers a range of reservation system options for all types of hotels.

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A properly functioning, user-friendly and reliable booking engine.

The website of your hotel can be a powerful e-commerce channel. The use of a well-functioning, user-friendly and reliable booking engine is essential. Becurious offers a range of booking engine options for different types of hotels as we partner with most booking engine technology providers.

Configuration and Integration of Booking Engines

Becurious works closely with various reservation system providers. Depending on the type of hotel and our clients’ requirements, we select a system together with you. Becurious will take care of the integration of the system of choice within the hotel’s website

Aspects to be Considered When Choosing a Reservation System

A range of factors are important when choosing a suitable reservation system. The most important factors are discussed in our article ‘Ten key considerations when selecting a reservation system’.

Connectivity, tracking and optimization


To connect a hotel's website with its booking engine, Becurious has created special connectivity scripts. These scripts ensure that the booking engine can be opened correctly. We work with date pickers to create a deep link to the booking engine and provide website visitors with the relevant rates and availability for the requested period of stay. We also link the specific room types and special offers to the relevant availability within the booking engine. 


To track the performance of the website and booking engine, we enable e-commerce tracking within Google Analytics. This makes it possible to monitor the hotel's direct transactions, revenue, average booking amount and conversion. 


To improve the conversion of the hotel website, we help our clients with various solutions and tools that entice website visitors to book directly. 

The reservation system of your hotel website is crucial for conversion and revenue.

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