Attract guests with high quality hotel photography

With high quality photography, you give potential guests an attractive image of your hotel. These images attract customers and invite them to make reservations. This is why good photography is an essential element of website content.

  • Higher conversion with professional photos
  • Own in-house photographer
  • More than 18 years of experience in the branch
Hospitality Specialist

Hospitality Specialist

Experience in this field is essential for making good photos in hotels, restaurants, and bars. Perfectly set tables, neatly made beds, stylish meeting halls, straight curtains, working with or without models, morning or evening lighting. We know the hotel branch better than anyone with over 18 years of experience. Together with you and your colleagues, we will ensure an optimal result without getting in the way of your operations.

BeCurious photographer Guido de Visser creates beautiful hotel photos for use on your own website, brochures, or on external booking websites.

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In consultation with you, we determine which subjects should be photographed. Depending on the number of subjects, the preferred setting, and the availability of spaces, a schedule is drawn up. Together with your employees, the rooms are quickly prepared for the shoots. Where necessary, extra lights can be placed in the area to ensure optimal lighting for the best results. After the photoshoot, the images can be optimised in Photoshop and adjusted to match each other. That way, all aspects of your company and your website have a uniform look. Do you want to use models? We can organise that for you as well. 

Living Pictures

Living Pictures

To add an extra dimension to the website, we can develop so-called "living images" for your hotel. This is done with a light-field camera which records the fourth dimensional light field. A variety of subjects can be shown in an animation afterwards. So you do not have to choose between a nicely set table or the view, but you allow the visitor to get a sneak peek of the options.

More information and examples.

Culinary Photography

Culinary Photography

Taking photographs of food requires specific knowledge, experience, and equipment. Our photographers have all three and are able to capture your culinary creations in all their beauty. If desired, we can combine this with a culinary report for use on website or social media. Interested in releasing your own cookbook? We can help you with that as well.


Our photographers work quickly and professionally. Depending on the number of subjects that need to be photographed, our photographer will work for one or more shifts on-location. About the same amount of time is used for editing the photos. The costs are € 825 per shift, which includes editing and sending the images. In a single shift, depending on your specific requirements, 6 to 8 subjects can be photographed. A potential design could consist of several photos.

Considering that our supplied photography leads to higher conversion, the investment in good photography is quickly returned.


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