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A Content Management System (CMS) enables you to manage the content of your website(s) yourself. BeCurious’ own Content Manager offers you a user-friendly CMS for the effective management of hotel websites. We always customise the integration of this powerful tool to suit your specific wishes and requirements. So you do not end up paying for unnecessary options and our systems are effective, user-friendly, safe and reliable.

  • Easy management
  • Suitable for multiple languages
  • Optional modules
Made For Hoteliers

Made For Hoteliers

The BeCurious Content Manager has been specifically developed for use by hoteliers and hotel marketers. So you can easily manage the content of entire multilingual websites using this CMS. Prior to launching the website, you and your staff are given a short training course so that you have complete control of your website content from the word go.



The Content Manager dashboard is equipped with graphs and up-to-date information about how the hotel website is performing. So the most important KPIs can be seen at a glance. These would include, for instance, visitor numbers, page views, reservations, turnover and conversion rates. Performance on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, is also displayed on the dashboard.

Managing Media

Managing Media

It is really easy to add photos, images and videos, too, and in the right scale. You manage your image gallery content yourself.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

The CMS has been developed in such as way that the most important settings for search engine optimisation are automatically displayed on the page. Would you like to control more settings? You can manage meta settings, heading tags, ALT texts for images and robot settings per page and per website.

Managing Users

Managing Users

You can add an unlimited number of users to the system. You assign rights to users so that you can decide who can make which changes per website.


Various modules can be configured for each website, including:

  • A calendar or agenda
  • Packages and special offers
  • Job vacancies
  • Attractions in your vicinity
  • Image galleries
  • News / Updates / Blogs
  • Reviews / Guestbook
  • Twitter and Instagram


With Content Manager, you can update your website in several languages. You can also decide which pages or sections you want to make available for each language. You only do the settings for the images in the main language; they are automatically displayed for the other languages.

Dynamic Packages Calender

The Content Manager has a packages calendar. This clever tool allows hoteliers to see at a glance which seasonal packages apply at a certain point in time. It also tells you when you can delete these packages.


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