Effectively approaching potential hotel guests with e-mail marketing

Email marketing is a popular marketing tool. This kind of marketing offers hotels many advantages too. The relatively low costs, its direct and personal approach of (prospective) hotel guests, the fast response time and its perfect measurability, make this medium an effective marketing tool.

  • Professional e-mail marketing software
  • Immediately measurable
  • Low costs
Reach Your Target Audience Easily

Reach Your Target Audience Easily

With e-mail marketing, you can easily and relatively cheaply reach your demographic, making this the online marketing tool with the highest turnover. Furthermore, this type of marketing is immediately measurable. You can see what a digital newsletter can achieve right away. With our years of experience, we are happy to help you with e-mail marketing for your hotel.

Advanced Software

Advanced Software

We work with advanced Spotler, Mailchimp & Revinate e-mail marketing software and develop professional mailings that suit your target demographic.

A Thorough Approach

A Thorough Approach

Upon the start of our cooperation, you will take inventory of your demands and wishes with your personal e-mail marketing consultant. We will assess the current situation and then start designing the e-mail template for your newsletter. If desired, we can test various designs and sending times to see which score the best.

Support from your personal E-mail Marketing Consultant

Your personal e-mail marketing consultant supports you with sending personalised e-mails, collecting new e-mail addresses, and we supply reports of sent mailings. Additionally, setting up automatic newsletters is one of the options. That's how you can easily reach your demographic, without worrying about it too much.

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