New Designs Responsive Hotel Website Templates New Designs Responsive Hotel Website Templates
14 August 2014

Since 2013 BeCurious offers template-based responsive hotel websites. These are very complete, responsive websites that are based on unique templates. The templates are customized to the style and identity of the hotel. Therefore hotels can gain from affordable, comprehensive and high-performing websites now. This service proves to be successful, last year, several hotels started working with our template-based website. Examples of hotels that score with our hotel website templates are:

The success of the hotel site templates resulted in the decision to design and develop three new base templates. After a process of several months, the development of these templates been completed. We are proud to present the new templates:

Hotel Website Template Alternate

The template 'Alternate' offers a subtle alternation between content and special offers on the home page. Subpages have large heading images, the reservation panel expands in a subtle way, which results in a seamless connection and optimised conversion. The template is developed with responsive techniques and therefore suitable for the use on desktop, laptop, tablet computers and smartphones.

Hotel Website Template Elegance

The 'Elegance' template has a lot of impact due to the use of large heading images. With the navigation on the right side these images and headers are extra powerful. The template uses responsive techniques and is therefore suitable for use in devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Hotel Website Template Fluid

The third template is called 'Fluid'. This design offers several content blocks on the homepage. These are, depending on the resolution of the screen showed in different columns. This template provides a pleasant change between images, information and offers / promotions.

Stockholm Template Lisbon Template Dublin Template Luxembourg Template
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